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【 Magazine Number 75 November 2001 】
Hello Everyone.
Well it is better late than never I say (very useful
Sorry this e-mag is so late to get to you but I have had a
few technical problems with my ISP.
( I just learnt that ISP means Internet Service
My ISP has spent all it’s money so it is closing down and
everyone has to find a new way to get onto the Internet.
I cannot believe how important computers have
My computer is my life and that is sad I
Well hope you are all having a better week….but let’s
move on to more useful topics.
Topic: Relationship
Everyone feels tension and stress in their relationship at
times and it is important not to blame anyone.
That is life!
We all have something that we do that annoys the other
person or drives them crazy.
Here are some quick tips to think about to try to make
things better.
Remember…no relationship is perfect so it is worth a
1. Work out what stresses
Write down when you feel stressed and what caused
keep a stress diary so you can look back at it
If you know what causes the stress then you can find a way
to solve it.
2. Prioritize
Decide what is really important to you and what isn’t.
Find something to relax you and make sure you are not
working all the time.
For example many people go to work then come home to cook
or do housework
or maybe you take care of the children all day and then
have to cook and clean as well.
If this is you then you need to take a break between the
work so come home
 and sit down for half an hour or so.
Make the jobs at home a team effort and put this new plan
for all to see on the refrigerator.
Don’t do it all yourself so that you are always
3. Exercise
Get rid of your stress by doing some exercise
It will make you feel better and is great for your body
4. Simplify
Try to make your life as simple as possible.
If you are too busy then make more when you cook and use
it for another meal.
Get people in your house to help with all the jobs or hire
someone to clean the house.
5. Solve Your
Try some new ways to solve your problems.
Ask yourself and write down the answer to these
What is the problem?
What caused it?
What are my choices?
What is the best choice?
6. Learn to say no
We often always say yes to things.
Others ask you to do more work.
Some want more of your time.
Try to say no occasionally.
You can’t do everything for everybody.
7. Sleep well
It is important to sleep for 8 hours.
Yes the body needs 8 hours to mend.
If you are not getting 8 hours of sleep…then you are
cheating your body.
8. Have a Laugh
This is my favorite!
Humor is the best way to cope with stress.
Learn to laugh at yourself
A good laugh is good for your
Travel Question: We want to
visit the gardens of some places when we are in England.
We love flowers and the traditional cottage garden.
Can you help?
Yes the information is easy to get.
Contact the British Tourist Authority and they are on the
It is well worth a look!
Top 8 names for Asama Bin
1. Asama bin late
2. Asama bin around a while
3. Asama bin hiding
4. Asama bin silly
5. Asama bin everywhere
6. Asama the two numbers
7. Asama bin too busy to call
8. Asama bin very bad
Reach out and help
A lady in Australia is looking for information about a
program in Japan to help kids.
She wants to know about a program that helped kids after
the Kobe Earthquake…..
so if you know anything please contact me. I would really
appreciate your help.
Pens for Nepal
Please keep those pens going to Nepal.
The children in the mountains really need our
The address is
Pens to Nepal Program
c/- Bishal Chamling
GPO 8974
CPC 404

Yes we actually have a competition. To take away our
We are giving away 5 Australia cosmetic
If you are a man then we will send you some other gift
with it.
The catch is you have to answer a
The question is……
What is your favorite color and
The first five answers will get a prize.
Please include your name and address so I can send it to
you by post.
Looking forward hearing from you.
Take care and stay stress free…
Ajet Blondy